Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions for the sale for PowerSpout turbines, PowerSpout parts and Smart Drive parts for DIY projects.

The Terms and Conditions listed here cover all products, services, and information provided on the site. Terms and conditions specific to an individual product or service may override these.


EcoInnovation takes safety very seriously and we endeavour to reduce all risks to the extent possible and warn you of hazards. Customers that ignore such risks and advice do so at their own risk.


EcoInnovation is not liable for consequential damaged caused by incorrect installation, charge controller failure or failure of other system components. It is the owner’s responsibility to check correct installation, operation and maintenance.

In many countries owners can install electrical equipment up to certain voltages. This varies around the world and is typically 75 Vdc and 50 Vac. Some countries also allow 120 Vdc installations by home owners.

We do not recommend that you attempt to install this equipment unless you are suitably qualified and experienced to do so and then only up to 75 Vdc/50 Vac. Grid tied and higher voltage MPPT applications of the PowerSpout products have to be installed by an approved RE installer and comply with relevant legislation.

Shipping/Freight cost

At the checkout you can view the freight cost. This freight cost is calculated based on your global destination and cart mass.

If your cart is over 29kg (net) you will be charged penalty freight. To avoid penalty freight split your order into multiply cartons. Cartons in the 27-29kg range receive a discount equal to the freight charge provided your order includes a complete PowerSpout turbine.

Purchasing a few more items with your turbine may result in a total lower cost, so feel free to experiment to locate the best delivered price.

DIY’ers (who intend to make their own solution with our parts) may not be eligible for the free freight offer, we reserve the right to charge a freight fee on a case by case basis when parts are ordered without a complete turbine or pump.


GST is calculated only for goods shipped to a New Zealand address during checkout. No export order is charged GST.

All invoices are in $US.

New Zealand customers have the $NZ amount (in addition to the $US amount) listed on their invoice. New Zealand customers must pay the $NZ amount if paying by electronic transfer.

For goods shipped to global destinations, be aware that you may incur GST/VAT, local taxes, custom fees and import duty once the goods arrive in your country. Call your local customs office to determine what these fees are likely to be. The sale price excludes these fees. For an online calculation tool to estimate these charges click here.

Payment can be made via bank transfer or Paypal. Paypal payments should be made in $US.

Credit card payments for clients who phone us (select the “Bank Deposit” option at checkout and then call us with your credit card details) are processed in $NZ, there may be a slight discrepancy between your invoice and credit card payment. If less than 1% both parties agree not to dispute the amount. Rate at time of processing is as per www.xe.com

PowerSpout warranty terms

PowerSpout warranty terms for complete hydro and pump products are located here.

Each piece of equipment supplied by EcoInnovation (not manufactured) will have documentation that outlines the manufacturer’s warranty. EcoInnovation will honour manufacturer’s warranty where the manufacturer/supplier honours it. EcoInnovation warrants all products made/supplied by EcoInnovation (excluding DIY parts) for a minimum of 12 months unless stated otherwise.

All warrantees are "Return to Base", that is, goods must be shipped back to EcoInnovation at the buyers expense. Installation warrantees are detailed in another section.

PowerSpout warranty terms for “DIY parts”

DIY parts have no warranty; it is for the designer of the machine to ensure that parts used are suitable for the final product or solution by undertaking appropriate testing.

Order processing times

Orders that require no manufacturing by EcoInnovation (and where the item(s) ordered are in stock) are processed within 1-2 working days following receipt of your payment.

Orders that require no manufacturing by EcoInnovation (and where the item(s) ordered are not in stock) are processed within 5-10 working days following receipt of your payment.

Orders that require manufacturing by EcoInnovation are processed within 2-15 working days following receipt of your payment.

EcoInnovation operates a queue base processing system and the queue length varies greatly deepening on seasonal demand. When ordering items on this site allow for the above delays to avoid disappointment.

Freight times

Domestic shipping times need to be added to processing time for NZ orders, this can be 1-5 working days depending on freight service and your location in NZ.

International shipping times need to be added to processing time for global orders, this can be 3-7 working days depending on freight service and your location globally and excludes any customs delays. All international shipments (>2kg where DHL insurance had been paid) are made via premium tracked DHL service. You need to buy DHL insurance at the time you place your order if you wish to have insurance cover.

International shippping Items 5kg & under,  such orders are shipped by NZ Post with a target delivery time of 2 weeks, and these items are not tracked. All orders where DHL insurance is not purchased may be sent via NZ Post at our discretion,

Freight liability

The Terms and Conditions of the freight company apply in every case where an item is shipped to a customer. In the event of a dispute/issue, the customer is required to cooperate fully with EcoInnovation staff to resolve the issue promptly. Replacement goods will only be sent to the customer if the goods were insured.  DHL terms and conditions. NZ Post terms and conditions

In all cases the client must check that the goods have not suffered transit damage, prior to signing that they have been “received them in good condition”. If the client sees, or suspects transit damage, then they must sign and state “damage suspected” or “goods damaged” where a signature is required.

The client must accept delivery of the goods, even if damage is suspected or evident.

Immediately following delivery the client must check goods for damage and inform EcoInnovation by email (with pictures) within 5 working days so a claim can be made with the insurance company. Failure to act in a prompt manner after receiving the goods will result in delays and the possible loss of any insurance cover.

Privacy policy

EcoInnovation respects your privacy and will never release your home contact details to anyone other than the freight provider. We may share email lists with our affiliates with the understanding that they do not engage in generating spam emails. We may share the details of your generation potential, the results of an energy audit, and your order history with our affiliates in order to better serve you. We may add you to our newsletter list but will remove you upon request.

Services liability

EcoInnovation is liable for damages up to three (3) times the professional fees charged, unless contracted otherwise. Advice offered for free (where no separate consultation fee has been paid) has no liability attached to such advice.

Product liability

EcoInnovation adheres to the New Zealand Consumer Guarantees Act in terms of product liability. In this Act, "prompt action" is required by the consumer in order for a return to be processed. EcoInnovation defines "prompt action" as 21 days or less. Customized items, that is, items made especially to order, are NOT considered consumer goods, and therefore are not eligible for return or covered by NZ Consumer Law.

Where clients place orders incorrectly, in error, give an incorrect delivery address, want to return goods for no valid reason etc., EcoInnovation reserves the right to charge a processing fee.

Liability for customer or third party installation

Many home owners attempting to install a renewable energy system themselves can, and often do make some fairly serious errors. EcoInnovation is not liable for any damage whatsoever due to incorrect installation by the customer or any third party contracted by the customer. If you are uncomfortable undertaking this liability, please engage a qualified renewable energy installer to do any installation work required.

EcoInnovation is not liable for the results of any work undertaken on this renewable energy system by any other party unless that party is engaged by EcoInnovation to do the work in question.

Consequential damage

EcoInnovation is not liable for consequential damage caused by regulator or other equipment failure (even if the equipment is under warranty and supplied by EcoInnovation). It is the owner’s responsibility to check correct operation and/or install protection to reduce the risk or consequential damage. The client should undertake appropriate insurance cover for consequential damage.


It is the client’s responsibility to ensure insurance cover for accidental damage and theft of equipment once it is received. Clients outside NZ must purchase DHL insurance cover for international freight. Failure to do so will result in you accepting freight risk yourself.

New Zealand Electrical System Regulations

On systems that have a running voltage greater than 50 vac or 120 vdc, the purchaser must have it installed by a registered electrician. A registered electrician must do 230-vac inverter wiring. EcoInnovation is not liable for any infringement of laws or other applicable laws by the customer or third-party contractor.

Global Electrical System Regulations

Unlike NZ and AUS most other countries only allow DIY installation of renewable energy equipment that have a running voltage less than 50 vac or 75 vdc. Overseas customers must check their own wiring rules as they do vary from country to country.

Local Electrical System Regulations

Please find out who is legally allowed to install or work on your electrical system before any such work is undertaken. EcoInnovation is not liable for any infringement of applicable laws by the customer or third-party contractor.

Goods sent incorrectly

Any item sent incorrectly by EcoInnovation (not ordered incorrectly or in error), will be fully refunded, providing the goods are returned with the following conditions met:

  • All of the original packaging
  • A copy of the receipt or invoice
  • A note explaining your exchange or credit requirements

Note: full refund includes freight fee.

Goods ordered incorrectly or in error by you:

Any item ordered incorrectly from EcoInnovation, will not be fully refunded. If the item is a stock item a charge of $100 or 20% (whichever is the larger) will be deducted from the refund value. Refund value excludes all freight charges. Goods that were sent “free freight” as a carton mass discount, will have the freight cost paid by us deducted from the refund value.


On items specially made to order for you no refunds will be given. You must contact EcoInnovation and will we try and find a resolution.

In the event of a dispute we will work in good faith to find a resolution which is fair to both parties.

EcoInnovation requests all orders are made via our web site to prevent errors, this way you will also be fully aware of these terms and conditions.

In the event of a dispute in NZ you have rights under the Consumer Guarantees Act (if the item is a consumer item – excludes customised solutions) and contract law that you can have an adjudication on in the Disputes Tribunal. EcoInnovation will abide by the ruling within 24 hours. You must initiate this action, before doing so please give us the opportunity to see if the matter can be resolved first.

Faulty Goods

All faulty goods must be returned to EcoInnovation for assessment unless we state otherwise in the product warrantee. A credit (or refund) will only be issued in the case where the item is deemed to have a manufacturing fault.

We do not issue credits for products that have been:

  • misused
  • specially made or prepared for you
  • for R&D or DIY development type work

We reserve to right to refund, replace with an equivalent or repair at our discretion.

Installation Warrantees

EcoInnovation often installs Renewable Energy systems in very remote parts of NZ and the world. Any warrantee on equipment does not include onsite service/repair and goods must be returned to EcoInnovation for repair at the client’s expense. EcoInnovation can offer onsite warrantees for an extra annual fee. Please ask us to quote you if you wish to consider onsite warrantee options.

In General

EcoInnovation reserves the right to improve their products and as such may need to alter the above conditions without notice.

Please note that parts on this site, are sold on the strict understanding that they will not be used to repair washing machines.

EcoInnovation is not responsible for the content of any of the sites linked to from our site, nor any sites which link to ours.

EcoInnovation is not liable for any action undertaken based on the information on this site. Liability is only undertaken when a product or service has been purchased, and then only under the appropriate Terms and Conditions as detailed above or in other product literature that can be located in our INDEX.