PHP shaft and cam
PHP shaft and cam

Spare cam only, shaft not supplied, select size required in dropdown. 

For a new shaft see last option in dropdown list.

You can make your own cam and shaft for our PHP pump.

Click here for more details on how to make you own.

Or select what you need from the dropdown list. The shaft and cam are sold as seperate items. 

The cam size you need is determined by this tool (cam offset)

We offer cams in the following sizes that you can select:

  • 1mm stroke (=0.5mm cam offset)
  • 2mm stroke (=1.0mm cam offset)
  • 3mm stroke (=1.5mm cam offset)
  • 4mm stroke (=2.0mm cam offset)
  • 5mm stroke (=2.5mm cam offset)
  • 6mm stroke (=3.0mm cam offset)

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