Pelton rotor
Pelton rotor
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This rotor has been designed to attach to our PowerSpout Smart Drive PMA and is rated up to 130m head with a 2.0kW output.

We have two options, fully assembled or a lower cost DIY kit that you assemble yourself. M12 fixing kit is optional.


  • Material = Black/Nylon GF30
  • Number of spoons on rotor = 20
  • Pelton spoon width  =70mm
  • Length of spoon  =65mm
  • Maximum jet diameter = 25mm
  • Hub thickness = 17mm
  • Hub fixing hole = 12mm via friction clamp attachment to shaft via internal M12 hole - clockwise rotation looking from front.
  • Outside diameter  = 290mm
  • Running diameter = 230-240mm

Use the tool here to do calculations for your site and select the correct Smart Drive PMA.

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