Michael Lawley - Consultation
Michael Lawley - Consultation

Michael Lawley was born in the UK and has lived off-grid using wind, solar and hydro power since the 1990’s. Michael designed the PowerSpout range of hydro turbines and is a director of the company EcoInnovation NZ Limited who manufactures these products in New Zealand. He has designed and installed many on & off-grid systems globally. Michael specialises in the electromechanical aspects of home scale systems and in particular Smart Drive PMA wiring configuration.

Michael completed a technician apprenticeship and studied for both a HND and 1st class honours degree in Mechanical Engineering. He has had an interest in home scale renewable energy for over 35 years. He lives in New Zealand and is available to consult on technical matters that relate to human scale renewable energy systems.

Consultations are normally via email and the rate is per hour for the consideration and time in replying to your specific questions.

If a conflict of interest occurs you will not be charged for this time, such a conflict would arise if you were enquiring about Michael supplying a PowerSpout hydro turbine in his capacity as a PowerSpout dealer.

At the end of our email reply any time remaining will be noted.

No refunds apply to paid advice given. Please read our standard terms and conditions.

Michael is a Director and Engineer for EcoInnovation NZ Limited, the owners of the PowerSpout brand.

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