Florin Fleseriu - Consultation
Florin Fleseriu - Consultation

Florin has worked as a Telecom Engineer since 1992.

In  2004, Florin founded of LP ELECTRIC that distributes and installs solar, wind and hydro systems in Romania.

 After 12 years in this industry, it is clear that the renewable world is a never ending story. 

Consultations are normally via email and the rate is per hour for the consideration and time in replying to your specific questions.

If a conflict of interest occurs you will not be charged for this time, such a conflict would arise if you were enquiring about Derek supplying a PowerSpout hydro turbine in his capacity as a PowerSpout dealer.

At the end of the email reply any time remaining will be noted.

No refunds apply to paid advice given. Please read our standard terms and conditions.

Florin is not employed by EcoInnovation but is engaged from time to time to advise clients on technical matters.

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