Crydom SSR (Solid State Relay) with fan cooled heat sink
Crydom SSR (Solid State Relay) with fan cooled heat sink
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This Crydom D1D40 SSR is rated for up to 100V and 40 amps. It is intended to be used on MPPT regulators that have 12V (3-32V range) AUX relays for diversion of surplus power once the batteries are full. We suggest that you do not drive it at more than 20 amps without fan cooling, so ensure you fit the correct resistor size to limit maximum current draw. Rated for 30 amp continuous with fan cooling.

We also have limited stock of D2D12 (for up to 200V) and D5D10 (for up to 500V), 5 amp continuous rating without fan cooling. These are used for input side switching for 150-500V MPPT regulators. 

For SSR applications above 100 VDC and 120/240 VAC phase angle SSR applications Hugh Piggott (via a consultation) can assist/advise you.  

We recommend that you read our "PS MPPT Diversion Loads Guide" that you can locate below.

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