Freight Tips

Our intention on this web site is to provide cost effective PowerSpout, Smart Drive PMA and Smart Drive BLDC parts in bulk globally.

This is why all goods are priced in $US, even though we are based in NZ.

For items > $1000US or 27 kg we freight for free globally, you must still buy DHL insurance if you require it.

DHL express freight for small items is costly, but for 30 kg cartons (27-29kg net weight) it is reasonable, hence on large orders we offer a bulk discount equal to the freight charge. This “free freight” is really a goods discount equal to the freight charge we are charged.

For small orders the freight/handling charge may be greater than the value of the goods you wish to purchase, this is unfortunate and we cannot resolve this issue. We suggest you order 27-29kg cartons to qualify for a discount equal to the freight cost.

Some limited spares parts can be freighted for free with complete PowerSpout turbine sales.

Watch your carton weight in your shopping cart, if you go over 29kg high freight fees will then apply. To avoid this either reduce your order mass or split your order into two. One carton at 27-29kg free freight and a 2nd smaller carton which will not qualify for free freight.