Freight price is advised at final checkout and depending on the mass and value of your order you may qualify for a discount equal to the freight price. Generally orders have to be over 27kg (but less than 29kg) or over $1000US for this to apply.

When ordering multiple turbines you must place separate orders, each of which is under 29kg so that the discount will be available.  Orders exceeding 29kg will attract a punitive surcharge.

Insurance has to be purchased on all orders >2kg or the goods freight at your own risk. Orders below 2kg freight by NZ Post and this service includes insurance up to 250NZ (180US approx).

Warranty terms vary and are fully detailed in the warranty documents located in our PowerSpout Document Index Links

In general DIY parts supplied for a machine of your own making have no warrantee and the designer has to ensure that the parts are fit for purpose.

Spare parts bought for PowerSpout turbines have a minimum of 1 year warranty.

PowerSpout turbines have 1-3 warranty depending on model and output power.

Service and installation conditions apply, so please carefully read all documentation relating to our turbines prior to purchase.

Warranty upgrades add 1, 2 or 3 years to our standard product warranty and can only be purchased at the time of the PowerSpout turbine sale to be valid.

DHL freight insurance

DHL freight insurance

Buy 1 allocation for every carton of goods. If you do n...

PowerSpout warranty upgrade

PowerSpout warranty upgrade

Add 1, 2 or 3 years to your standard PowerSpout PLT, TRG, LH...